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Blues With Brains Pt I
This material is blues based using pentatonic scales and variations to deal with the chord changes. I touch on the 1/2-1 dim scale as well, approaching it with variations on pentatonic ideas. I also talk about stacking triads to form lines. Throughout the lesson I demo the ideas w/ play along tracks (included) that open doors to more complex harmony.  The lesson concept's are strong on melodic content and connecting ideas with the aim at expanding blues based vocabulary.  564.4 MB 


Picks up where Pt I left off. More blues vocabulary, ideas and concepts as well as expanding the chord progression beyond the typical 3 chords.  The complete scales for the I and IV chords are also introduced.  683.1 MB

Takes a peek into the jazz harmony using the blues as a launching off point. The complete scales for all of the changes are introduced and wrap up the first part of the series.   592.4 MB


This lesson takes it to another level and covers new ground.  A minor blues with a bridge that has a different take on the chord changes in the min blues progression and has a bridge with some II-V's.  Includes a chart and a play-along track.     433.9 MB 

BWB Pt V-Advanced Ideas
This lesson will give you some unorthodox approach's to dom 7th chords and some unusual twists and turns on your way to the IV chord.  TAB and standard notation doc's are included. 267.4 MB
Additional Material

Three short lessons on  "Turnarounds" and a lesson on "Blues Changes" that deals strictly with the chord changes.
This lesson will expand your chord  vocabulary with a solid and easily understood "horizontal approach" to diatonic harmony.  It may be an eye opener for some, it was for me.  TAB and standard notation doc's are included.  282.4 MB
Modes of the Major Scale and More (12 excellent play-along tracks are included)
There is usually some confusion learning this material.  A really effective way to learn this stuff is from root to root. Every example starts on A so you have to learn the defining note(s) of each scale/mode.  I cover the 7 modes of the major scale, the melodic minor scale, the lydian b7 scale, the altered scale and the diminished scale's.  These sounds will cover most harmonic situations. 468.1 MB
One Chord Grooves

This material is designed to open doors and present different options when playing over one chord grooves.  Using pentatonic scales, triads, substitutions, chord scale relationships and other devices you will be using some of this material on your next gig as well as having new approach's to study. Play-alongs included. 575.3MB
Short Lessons

1) I Major Chord

Pt I - pentatonic approach
Pt II - diatonic approach
Pt III - advanced approach   
2) II Min 7 Chord  
Pt I - pentatonic approach   
Pt II - stacking triads
Pt III - advanced approach

3) Unorthodox Triad Voicings

4) Unorthodox Diatonic Triad Voicings

5) Exercises - Warm up

Pt I - 4+4 fingerings
Pt II - Scale exercise's-phrasing

6) V7 advanced approach's
7) Altered scale - pentatonic approach

8) IIm7-V7 (alt) shortcuts
Pt I - Pentatonic approach
Pt II - Triad approach
9) IIm7 - V7 alt - I - V of II  shortcuts

Pt I - Pentatonic approach
Pt II - Triad approach   

10) Diatonic Chord-Scale Voicing's Major
11) Diatonic Chord-Scale Voicing's Melodic Minor

12) Multi-tasking Voicing's

Pt I - Close voicing's.
Pt II - Voicing's in 4ths.
13) Pedal Tones

Pt I - Pedal tone in the bass
Pt II - Pedal tone as the top voice
14) Using harmonics, fretted notes and open strings together
These lessons are designed to expand your vocabulary, work on fundamentals and increase your knowledge of harmony both in your comping and in your soloing.  Docs with TAB and standard notation are included.

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